Race Car Fan's Piano

Weather you enjoy Talladega or Monte Carlo, our custom designed race car lover’s “mini” grand pianos are a perfect addition to your collection of race car memorabilia. We’ve created a really sharp sports car design to go with our 3’3” digital grand pianos that looks great from all sides, and sounds great in even the smallest space.  Because they are totally digital, they have all the sound of a full size acoustic grand piano plus 128 additional sounds and 128 music style accompaniments with 500 variations, and feature a Media Library with play list.  The limited edition Ferrari Red is definitely the choice of F1 race fans or the high gloss white or black is a NASCAR lover’s dream music machine. With its 250 Watts Tri-Amplifier system featuring Acoustic Chamber III with Super Sub Bass, these state of the art hand crafted wood case digitals never need tuning and can even be connected to your home entertainment sound system!



A MUST FOR THE SERIOUS ART DECO ENTHUSIAST.  In response to the overwhelming  resurgence in the popularity of this fabulous design era and as a result to requests from all over the world,  this year we are featuring a most historic and important Art Deco Era design by Jacquues-Emilie Ruhlmann , featured at the 1925 Paris Exhibition. This notable recreation will be realized on a vintage era Steinway. We respectfully offer this famous, historically important stylization in a numbered, limited edition of only 20 to be distributed worldwide. A vintage Steinway recreated to be the perfect compliment to any Art Deco themed setting!


About this year's Featured designs from JMV Piano Classics

We are designers of the very finest art case grand pianos in the world. Our design capabilities are able to compliment numerous historic and contemporary style periods, all of which have been applied to the design industry's most significant and creative projects.  Using only the most notable brand name vintage pianos our magnificent instruments are found in the most fabulous homes worldwide.

These are some of the highlights of our 2009/2010 design collection.

Golden age piano

Golden Age of Musical and Visual Arts Design

This is the epitome of true art case custom design where musical art and visual art come together on a world class instrument. A true heirloom quality masterpiece, we have created lovingly hand painted scenes depicting  generations of family members gathered together, all enjoying each others’ company and the joy of music! 

19th century

Eclipse Marquetry Inlay Design

Expert hand crafted workman ship on this 19th Century Design uses carefully selected Mahogany with straight rings to match the exquisite marquetry found in the delicately executed eclipse.  Workmanship and attention to detail on a simple yet amazing design!

Hunter's piano

Hunter's Piano

For the finest hunting lodges and trophy rooms in the world, our hunting style grand is the epitome of old world custom craftsmanship. Dramatic hand made carvings accented by meticulously executed marquetry combined with inlays of silver, bronze, ivory, ruby and amber. The hunting experience is depicted step by step, on both the case and the lid of the instrument. An undeniable example of true heirloom quality artistry!

Victorian Desing Piano

Victorian Upright Grand Piano

Wondrous sound and inspiring design for the most traditional parlors, billiard rooms or restoration projects, the massive design elements are simply gorgeous on this handsome upright grand piano.  Not to be found from any current piano manufacturers, these extremely hard to find collector’s dream instruments are totally renovated  beyond their former glory to ensure they look and sound even better than they did originally by using state of the art technical advances on these vintage musical masterpieces.


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